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Bake Restudy 1984


A one-hour video narrated by Nazir Jairazbhoy and Amy Catlin.  The authors return in 1984 to the original sites of Arnold Bake’s 1938 South Indian fieldwork in order to solicit responses to his photographs and audio recordings of numerous performance traditions in an examination of continuity and change.  The video incorporates Bake’s 16mm films and audio recordings.  It also shows the background of this Dutch scholar, the methodologies used in both fieldtrips, and concludes with an examination of the impact of classification, modernization, institutionalization, and festivalization of performance. 



Video includes an accompanying monograph:

The Bake Restudy in India, 1938-1984: The Preservation and Transformation of Tradition in Tamilnadu, Kerala, and Karnataka

by Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy 

The monograph includes discussions of each scene as well as:

  • ethnographic and interpretive chapters
  • complete video script, maps
  • four-part index, and bibliography
  • 184 pages, spiral bound


Award Recipient, Society for Visual Anthropology, American Anthropological Association

"Characterized by exceptionally thorough and impressive research… Restudy is a treasure hunt across India searching for traditional continuity while not ignoring contemporary modifications of music and dance.”- AAA Society for Visual Anthropology (Award statement)


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